Stopover 21/22


Once a year – always during the two months around the turn of the year – the students of the two master programs Photography Studies and Practice and Photography Studies and Research exhibit, in cooperation with the Museum Folkwang, in the museum's basement. »Stopover«, the recurring title of these exhibitions, refers to the core idea: The works on display are not finished yet; instead, the exhibition aims at providing insights into current issues and attempts to respond to them with current projects.

This year's focus is the question of photographic encounters. Yet, what are photographic encounters? Is it light falling on sensitive material? Two people sharing a moment with a camera? Dialogues that emerge from thinking about photography? Or different photographic positions brought together in a single space?

Various forms of photographic approaches, aesthetic attitudes, and ways of showing aim at providing answers. It reveals underpinning concepts of reality and opens them up for discussion. Taking material and transferring it to new contexts develops different perspectives on individual lines of inquiry—the collaborative learning with and from one another in both master's programs shifts to the exhibition space. For the first time, both artistic and theoretical contributions will be on display. Each approach represents a personal way of grasping the world with the help of photographic media.

While the themes of the presented positions sometimes appear on a similar trajectory, at other times, they strive in different directions and open up space for associations. All eleven works deal in their way with how photography can be exhibited and made accessible.

The exhibition will open at the Museum Folkwang on December 2, 2021, and will be on display until February 6, 2022. When visiting the museum, the currently valid hygiene regulations must be observed.

Guided tours will take place on December 18, 2021, January 22, and February 6, 2022 at 3pm.