Photography Studies and Research


Once a year, we invite applications for our two M.A. programs on Photography as Art and the Theory and History of Photography. We look forward to receiving applications from anyone who—like us—is fascinated by the medium's richness, who wants to reflect with us on the history and present of photography, and who wants to shape its future.

The application deadline for the M.A. Photography Studies and Practice was March 15, 2022, and for the M.A. Photography Studies and Research, it is May 31, 2022. All members of our team welcome inquiries and are happy to provide further information!

Like last year, the design of our two posters was in the hands of Daniel Kobert and Viktor Lentzen – no doubt, a good choice, as their design of the past year was honored with the »100 Best Posters« award from among 2,000 motifs. And this year, too, their design of both posters indicates that we conceive our two M.A. programs as a tandem—art and scholarship in close cooperation.