Hollis Frampton: ADSVMVS ABSVMVS

»Hollis Frampton: ADSVMVS ABSVMVS, in memory of Hollis William Frampton, Sr., 1913–1980, abest«
April 13th–May 13th, 2018
UG im Folkwang
Museum Folkwang, Essen

Hollis Frampton (1936-1984) is known as experimental filmmaker and contemporary of artists such as Carl Andre, Yvonne Rainer and James Rosenquist in art history. With his photo series »ADSVMVS ABSVMVS, in memory of Hollis William Frampton, Sr., 1913–1980, abest«, from 1982, which will be shown at UG im Folkwang, he is introduced to an European audience as photographer and conceptual artist for the first time in a solo exhibition.
14 photographs and 15 texts are intertwined in »ADSVMVS ABSVMVS« and present Frampton as a taxidermist and collector of oddities. Fact and speculation are displayed as the means of the artist, and aim to initiate reflection on taxonomy, the idea of photographs as mummies and the relationship of image and language.

This exhibition springs from a cooperation between the Folkwang University of the Arts Essen and the Free University Berlin in the winter semester 2017/2018 that was supported by the Society of Friends and Sponsors of the Folkwang University. An accompanying catalog is published in the university’s own Folkwang Edition | Book and is supported by the Ernst-Reuter-Gesellschaft. It contains texts by the participating Bachelor students as well as by the curators Anne Breimaier and Matthias Gründig

Design: Malte Lambert
Exhibition views: Niklas Baumberger
Additional exhibition views at kma71berlin.de

All works reproduced courtesy of Charles Sims 
Images © Estate of Hollis Frampton